Zodiacs to Text Their Crush This Weekend

Your Daily Horoscope: Sunday, September 24, 2023

Fun to have a crush. You get butterflies every time you see them. Imagine what happens if they ask you out or you make a move. Crushes are bad when you do nothing. It gets worse with delay.

This weekend, these four zodiac signs must take a huge step: Text your crush. It might be a simple greeting or a deep confession. No matter how big your relocation, you'll benefit.

Historically, you struggle to leave your comfort zone. You flourish in that zone, but it prevents you from taking substantial life changes that can improve it. Instead of staying home this weekend, text your crush.

Ask them to hang out. Dates are optional if they seem too large a step right now. Just coffee, a group hangout, a bookshop visit. Even small things catch their attention. You can.

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Two scenarios are likely happening today. You either have a crush on someone you've hardly chatted to, like a barista at your favorite coffee shop or an employee on another floor, or you text often with your crush. 

After all, you're used to moving. Due of your inherent flirtatiousness, people assume you do this to everyone. You must be more obvious to approach your crush. 

You can easily persuade yourself out of doing something. Now that you're on this list, you may have several solid reasons to not text your crush.

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