Zodiac Signs That Are Sad About Winter

A recent poll found that 2/5 of Americans prefer fall. Whether they confess it or not, winter is when things are dead, spring is when they start to live again, 

summer is when everything is most alive, and fall is the first symptom of death. Most folks vacation in summer since you can go to the beach or mountain-climb without a snowfall.

Summer is when school is out and schoolwork is on vacation, so summer-loving grownups don't see why anyone would prefer any other season.

Here are the four zodiacs who cry and reminisce as summer ends. Even though Gemini's birthday range starts in late spring and Virgo's finishes in autumn, the four signs are most likely to have summer birthdays. 

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These four signs were born into bright sunshine, warm days, and unlimited family cuddles, so summer's conclusion feels like a minor funeral to them. They may dislike autumn leaves, darker afternoons, and pumpkin spice.

The Twins often argue, but they agree that spring and summer are the nicest seasons and fall and winter are terrifying. As the days shorten and temperatures drop, they prepare for six months of torment

They prefer light and warmth to darkness and cold, and anyone who disagrees may seem insane. Barbecues, fireworks, baseball games, and wild road drives with the windows down and their lover's hot body next to them were their favorite memories. c

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