Your Daily Horoscope: Sunday, September 24, 2023

Your Daily Horoscope: Sunday, September 24, 2023

Inspiration strikes like lightning. A unique strategy is forming, and you're more enthusiastic than ever. You sense today's acts becoming your most successful yet. From afar, your intelligence is beautiful.c

 Accept support from others. You can tell they're not doing this out of pure passion, despite their seeming fascination. Once profits are made, negotiate a profit-sharing agreement so everyone gets their share.

The restless make you nervous. You wish they would stop or leave. Perhaps you're seeking tranquility in a purportedly peaceful setting. You may be working on a project that requires strong focus. Extra attention is not necessary. 

 Nervousness increases the likelihood of public mistakes. Ideally, you would work quietly today to impress others tomorrow. Pulling something from your hat will show all synapses firing. 

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You exist in the realm of the senses or the undefined zone of intuition. Today is fantastic for sentiments but not for attention. As far as you know, no one came before you.

It would be a mistake to draw these maps yourself, thus your trip should include a cartographer. Finding your way home can be done with your eyes closed. Never lose touch with your roots, even if you move far away.

Since your last check, conditions have changed. Think you know everything, yet you may only know half. Allow yourself to learn. Data makes it easier to make informed decisions, especially for family and neighbor issues.  

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