What Every Zodiac Sign Needs On A Bad Day

Aries: Physical task It may be running, working out, having sex, or playing an aggressive video game. Anything that enables them act on their frustration

Taurus: To indulge Taurus knows that self-care is best on bad days. Once they relax at the spa, get their nails done, or take a hot bath with wine at home, a terrible day can't last long.

Cancer: Vent to a loved one Cancers are used to being caregivers, so they may struggle to express their problems. If they have a trusted loved one, they only need to express 

Leo: To remember their virtues Leos have enough confidence for everyone, but they still have terrible days. When hit, their self-esteem often drops. They may know their strengths

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Virgo: To optimize their day. Everyone is vulnerable, but Virgos handle it differently. They could wallow, but they chose to manage their day. Though they can't change the past,

Libra wants their best friends to take them out. Libras are known for not liking being alone, however this is true on bad days

Scorpio: To escape privately Scorpios may be tempted to isolate themselves during difficult times. Scorpios desire to travel alone when they're upse c

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