Understanding The Flaws Of Every Zodiac Sign

Aries are fierce and like to be the greatest. Passion might lead to impulsive and hasty decisions they may regret

Tauruses are practical but stubborn. Once they decide, they're hard to modify. This can prevent personal progress and miss possibilities because they may hold onto obsolete views or routines.

Despite their adaptability, Geminis struggle with decision-making. Duality makes them view multiple perspectives, which might cause indecision. 

Cancerians care intensely but might be oversensitive. Even when not offended, they take things personally.

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Leos are charming and confident, yet their love of attention may be vanity. They may prioritize their image and reputation over others' needs and feelings.

Virgos are meticulous and hardworking. But their perfectionism instincts might make them unduly critical of themselves and others.

Libras make good diplomats, but their drive for balance can make them indecisive. They may spend too much time considering options and asking for opinions, making decisions difficult.

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