Top Hairstyles for Over-40 Women

Top hairstyle for over-40 women? Whatever makes a woman confident and comfortable. That's the major secret. The "right" haircuts for women above a particular age are not set in stone, against popular belief.

! "Hair is a very personal choice and should reflect your individual style," says NYC hairstylist Mark Daniels. "Whatever makes you happy."

As your features and hair change with age, some styles are more attractive, and you may have different haircut goals later in life. In your 20s and 30s, you may have wanted to explore all the latest color trends.

Long hair with a moderate wave suits most people and is one of the greatest hairstyles for women over 40. Yes, truly."There's an old belief that long hair on mature ladies means they're attempting to be younger.

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Daniels recommends chin-length hair for its versatility and lack of face-dragging. Slick it back for a sophisticated style, straighten it for a trendy look, or add waves like Naomi Watts for a feminine look. This short cut suits fine hair. Thicker hair may look bulky at this length.

Oribe global content artist Mandee Tauber enjoys this easy wash-and-wear design. "The structure of this haircut does all the work with minimal styling," she says. You may air-dry it to avoid heat damage and still look wonderful.

Want to look polished? A sleek bob is best. Tauber adds, "This is a classic haircut with clean, timeless lines that can be worn at any age and enhances your facial features." The sleekness will highlight your cheekbones, and the curved tips beneath the chin will reinforce your jawline.

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