Top Dog Breeds That Will Always Support You

Great Pyrenees dogs are excellent herders. These intelligent, calm dogs are fiercely protective and loyal to their owners. 

Beagles are terrific family dogs who enjoy children and are strongly loyal to their people. 

Great Dane These huge dogs love people and are cute, but they occasionally forget how big and strong they are

Collie is one of the most loyal dog breeds if you don't mind long, shedding hair. Lassie was a collie for a purpose

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Although they look threatening, dobermans are terrific family dogs that get along with kids and other animals. They love their people but may be wary of outsiders. 

German shepherds are smart, trainable, and devoted to their families, which is why so many law enforcement and military agencies use them

Dachshunds are curious and friendly tiny dogs. They bark at strangers or objects they perceive as threats and prefer family.

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