The oddest dog breeds

Peruvian Inca Orchid In 2001, Peru declared its sole native dog breed, the Inca Orchid, a National Heritage. Westerners find its appearance odd.

Two-thirds of these odd dogs have no hair, while others have a mohawk. Their sun sensitivity grows 

Puli The Hungarian shepherd, or puli, has mop-like fur that accumulates in cords. These hairs can hide the dog's eyes!

Naturally, care for water- and cold-resistant fur is an art. This breed is commonly confused with the komondor, a larger dog with similar fur

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Catalburum This dog appears normal, but a closer look reveals a split snout! Turkish "catalburun" means "forked nose

The drooping ears of this uncommon species are also shaped.Bergamasco sheepdogs have amazing coats. It may seem impossible

Borzoi Borzoi, or Russian wolfhounds, are noble and disdainful. This breed is very stubbor

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