The Most Loyal Dog Breeds On The Planet

Are you looking for a faithful, loving partner to help you through life? Stop looking! These are some of the most trustworthy dog breeds, from the bold German Shepherd to the loving Golden Retriever. Each breed has unique traits that make them suitable pets.

While Australian shepherds aren't the friendliest dogs, they make great teammates. The famed herding dog is smart and hardworking. c

Rhodesian Ridgebacks are friendly but not powerful in the wild. These dogs were raised in Africa to track lions and be loyal to their families. c

Strong dogs are loyal and strong-willed. When raised firmly, dogs will obey their owners. Once you earn their trust and love, they'll be affectionate and protective like their cubs.

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These pure white fluff balls smile constantly for a reason. Sledding dogs have upward-facing mouth corners to prevent drool and icicles.

These dogs are used to working together and will almost adopt you. If you're not the alpha, they won't be afraid to misbehave. The Samoyeds require your love and will go crazy alone. Focus on them and teach them, and they'll be loyal. c

Welsh Springer Spaniels, one of Britain's oldest sporting breeds, thrive in all conditions due to their weatherproof coat. Thus, they'll accompany you everywhere.

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