The 10 Smartest Things Cats Have Ever Done

Brian describes his migraines. Four cats formed their own pairs and didn't interact. Brian woke up to a surprising sight one day while his migraine was bad.

Chispa is a cat smoke alarm. Owner Kathy recalls falling asleep in her seventh month of pregnancy. Chispa suddenly awakened her up by standing on Kathy's breast and meowing loudly. 

Someone describes Spider, their cat. One morning, Spider woke his owner and took them to the living room French doors. Spider stared at the light switch, signaling he wanted patio lighting. 

Cats are aloof, but they aid when needed. Katt, the owner's cat, saw them gathering up wood and bagging them in the yard. Katt “helped” by climbing a tree and breaking sticks. Intention matters.

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Our feline buddies are vocal. One cat lover describes their cat getting stuck in their mother's room. He yowed in the shower to gain attention because it was louder and resonated throughout the house. Eventually, someone would free him.

When his owners got a puppy, Cat moved a water glass on the counter six inches to the left to spill it on her kennel. Cat also brought a dog to the counter and threw a gravy boat on her head.

Many owners say their cats can unlock doors themselves. Some could use doorknobs and handles to open doors!

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