Ranking the Top 6 Toxic Zodiac Signs

Cancer's charming and compassionate exterior hides a poisonous attitude ready to control everything. Cancerians live for their family, which is ambitious.

Leos often exhibit undesirable character qualities despite their bluster and dislike of negativity. Leo always needs to be in charge in love and friendship and struggles to let go.

These people don't comprehend the need for an exchange in any connection, so they bulldoze through life and injure others.

Scorpios are often vilified, although their toxicity is unproven. Scorpios, as water signs, tend to be pessimistic and negative, often affecting their surroundings with their lack of excitement.

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The saying ‘never judge a book by its cover’ fits Aquariuses perfectly. Aquariuses may look innocuous and ethereal, but they spend so much time in their minds that they struggle with reality

 In short, when reality doesn't match dream, they sink into a malaise they can't shake and drag others down.

First zodiac sign people don't hide their flaws and even show them off. Aries people would do anything to acquire what they desire, including underhanded measures. Aries will lie, rumor, or gossip to get their way.

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