new AKC-recognized dog breeds

Since the start of modern civilization, dogs have been humans' best friends, resulting in a wide variety of breeds as different in appearance and personality as their breeders. Good for friendship and safety

We clever people (and chance) continue to experiment with genetic selection and crossbreeding, creating new breeds with lovable and unlovable qualities. c

Additionally, many breeds that have been around for centuries have slipped under the American radar until they found their way into our hearts and homes. One could wonder: Have the American Kennel Club acknowledged any new purebreds?

Wonder no longer. Stacker answers the call. From huge and slobbery to adorable and cuddly, we've included every AKC-recognized dog breed since 2000. We gathered data from the entire AKC list and selected the latest entries.

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An Italian hunting dog with a muscular frame and thick coat, the Spinone Italiano dates back to 200 B.C. Tender eyes and bushy brows make these canines appealing to Americans and Italians despite their somewhat droopy looks.

Wagging mouths and shaggy hairs that shield their eyes make Polish lowland sheepdogs (PONs) easy to spot and resistant to shedding.

Welsh Springer Spaniels, one of Britain's oldest sporting breeds, thrive in all conditions due to their weatherproof coat. Thus, they'll accompany you everywhere.

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