Most Overrated MLB Players of All Time

The Hall of Famer was every bit of that against right-handers, but his .265/.308/.367 splits versus lefties was more like that of a platoon player. 

For all of his dominance, the all-time strikeout leader never learned how to pitch. The result was a staggering number of walks, wild pitches 

He was acquired from the Senators to be the next Red Sox star left fielder. "New Ace In The Red Sox Attack," the Boston Globe heralded him in bold print. 

This valuable member of the A’s dynasty ranks 14th in career saves and has an impressive postseason resume.  

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He owns the lowest career WAR total ( 24.96) among HOF pitchers with 1,500 innings or more. His only dominant season came with the Brewers amid a players strike late in his career. 

While "Leaping Mike" went on to produce some respectable numbers over the next three seasons, he fell juuuuust a little bit short of his predecessor. 

If we needed someone to pitch a no-hitter with the future of Earth at stake, this is the person that we would want on the mound, no doubt.  

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