Luckiest Zodiac Signs This Week Are Chinese

Five Chinese zodiac signs are lucky this week. Rooster, Rabbit, Snake, Ox, Dragon. Before their horoscopes, here are the week's messages for everyone. Sometimes luck sends us folks who assist us advance.

Some people stay in our lives after a fortuitous meeting. Sometimes they leave after their role. This week, light a candle to silently thank all the folks who have helped you and will.

The lucky i-ching hexagram this week is wind above paradise (#9). Focus on modest actions and details this week. We love thinking about huge changes, but focusing on the minutiae speeds us up.

Your luck will vary this week, Rooster. Some people's intuitions will alert them when in a group. Watch out for that.

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Rabbit, your life can be dull. Still planting metaphorical crops that will yield magnificent rewards of your labor. This is how luck works in your life. Luck sometimes spares us from minor irritations so we can enjoy the process and journey.

Lots of luck Snake, your luck is odd this week. Many tasks and responsibilities will overwhelm you. That's how luck is helping you now. After all, being chosen as a firm CEO from many contenders is lucky.

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