Keurig K-Cup Pods, Worst to Best

This one had high potential, making its letdown all the more painful. It tastes bland. Absolute nothing. Additives appear to have eliminated coffee flavor. 

This is the poorest ordinary coffee on the list. These pods generate watery coffee, but IHOP's K-cup's flavors make it worth it. The fragrance is vaguely tobacco-like, and it goes downward.

Sometimes one flavor isn't enough. Keurig's Original Donut Shop line offers creative flavored coffee mixes. This test used "Nutty + Caramel." When brewing, the coffee smells strongly like caramel

Although shoppers can be fussy, Great Value shouldn't be dismissed. While discount brands are sometimes overlooked, Walmart's in-house products have performed well in our tests. Great Value's "House Blend" K-cups are terrible.

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You'll only taste an overroasted coffee bean. An highly watery aftertaste is expected. The grounds utilized are varied, therefore the burnt-to-wateriness ratio varies.

This spicy, creamy, and sweet chai latte flavoring hits all the right notes. It's also good for caffeine reduction. Chai has less caffeine than coffee, but not 100%.

As it brews, the Cinnabon Caramel Pecan K-cup will perfume your kitchen like caramel. The drink tastes sweet without being overpowering due to the caramel flavoring

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