Easy Desserts That Require No Baking

Making cheesecakes from scratch takes time and effort. Cheesecake is easy with this no-bake version! This needs lots of fresh fruit on top.

A store-bought angel food cake becomes the crust for this creamy lime dessert. Be sure to let this treat chill out in the fridge for a few hours (or even overnight) before enjoying. 

Do you eat peanut butter straight from the jar? Then try this mousse! Rich, silky, and peanutty. Want to improve this simple no-bake dessert? Sprinkle chocolate chips or curls on top.

This classic banana cream pie is delicious. Instant pudding makes this no-bake dessert ready in minutes.

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Rabbit, your life can be dull. Still planting metaphorical crops that will yield magnificent rewards of your labor. This is how luck works in your life. Luck sometimes spares us from minor irritations so we can enjoy the process and journey.

Lots of luck Need a cause to open Ritz crackers? Try this simple no-bake recipe! Place marshmallow creme between crackers and coat with chocolate. Very simple but wonderful!

This crunchy-creamy pineapple dessert starts with cornflakes. For a fruitier taste, use all the pineapple juice from the can. C

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