Each Horoscope Sign's Best Cat Breed

Although cats are lower-maintenance than dogs, they shouldn't be overlooked.

The International Cat Association lists 73 cat breeds, each with its own personality, size, and shape. 

Character peculiarities can help you find the perfect purring companion, and what better approach than astrology? Here are the greatest cat breeds for each zodiac sign.

Aries needs an adventurous cat. The oldest cat breed, the Abyssinian, is ideal. 

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The Aby enjoys exploring and taking risks. This breed often surprises Aries by climbing to the highest locations in the house.

Independent, confident Aries prefers a lively, playful cat. Siberians are energetic kittens that stay kittenish as adults. 

Siamese are beneficial for Aries also. They enjoy socializing and will talk to anyone. The intelligent and warm Siamese is a perfect addition to any cat-loving family and may stay for a long time. 

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