Best Mixed Dog Breeds You Can Own

While blending dog breeds can bring forth the best of each parent breed, you never know. Pure breeds are predictable and rarely vary.

However, mixed breeds differ in size, appearance, and temperament, making it even tougher to choose one for your family.

Morkies are cute Yorkshire Terrier-Maltese mixes. Training Morkies is easy because they are smart and loyal to their families.

These puppies are adorable Australian Shepherd-Pomeranian mixes. Aussiepoms, born of active, fun-loving, and smart parents, are lively and affectionate.

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Aussiepoms dislike being alone but love cuddling with their loved people. Unattended, they may act destructively to express their unhappiness. c

This designer breed is a Bichon Frise-Cavalier King Charles Spaniel mix. With two lovely parent breeds, these babies are probably just as cute.

Welsh Springer Spaniels, one of Britain's oldest sporting breeds, thrive in all conditions due to their weatherproof coat. Thus, they'll accompany you everywhere.

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