All-Time NFL GOATs by Position

To better resemble a real all-time team, players were evaluated at their specific positions, that is, left or right side when applicable. And only members of the NFL 100th Anniversary Team were considered.  

Buck Rogers wasn't this far ahead of his time. Take Don Hutson's insane 1942 season, when "The Alabama Antelope" caught 74 passes, nearly 3.1 times more than the next highest total 

Anthony Munoz and Paul Brown were the first members of the Cincinnati Bengals' Ring of Honor, and they are widely considered to be the two most important figures in franchise history. 

Johnny Unitas’ bodyguard had more All-Pro seasons (five) at left tackle than the guard spot. But how could we penalize one of the  most dominant players 

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The Steel Curtain got the fame and nickname, but the offensive line wasn’t far behind in terms of performance.  

Here’s the one position that lacks an abundance of legit candidates, not that the youngest of the Matthews bros is Hamburger Helper or anything. 

A few of Bruce Matthews' 14 consecutive Pro Bowl selections were more out of habit than merit, but in terms of consistency, versatility and durability, no one was in his class. 

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