5 superfoods for melancholy and mood boosts

Sardines, salmon, and mackerel are fat- and oil-rich, which prevents depression.

Fatty acids in fish may lessen depression risk due to their anti-inflammatory characteristics, according to one study. 

Colorful, balanced diets provide many health benefits, including mental wellness. Daily vegetable consumption reduces depression, according to research. 

A 2016 assessment of numerous research found that those who ate more fruits and vegetables had lower depression rates.

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Nuts reduce sadness and improve mood. Mental health advantages abound in nuts. Eating a handful of nuts daily reduces depression risk

Though considered a treat, dark chocolate offers several health benefits. Fiber, iron, magnesium, and antioxidants abound. Dark chocolate reduces depression symptoms too.

Canadian researchers employed blueberry juice to prevent postpartum depression. Many new mothers experience postpartum blues. Postpartum depression was

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