4 Zodiacs feel like the world is ending.

Virgo As a planner, you hate scheduling changes. Even though you know you can handle life, you'll panic in the moment. Before you regroup and fix the problem

Scorpio As a pessimist, you think the world will end when something tiny goes wrong. It may be small, but you think this is the start.

 You expect more horror. You have trouble recovering from setbacks because you fear additional pain

Gemini You are surprisingly sensitive and feel like the world is dying when something tiny goes wrong. Every detail matters to you. It's hard not to take things personally 

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Pisces You feel like the world is ending when something tiny goes wrong because you're not convinced you can handle it. You doubt your ability.

That's false. There are always moments of extreme panic when you don't know what to do, 

You always solve the problem, even if it takes time and tears. Initial hopelessness is seldom permanent. Always make the best of it.

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