3 Most Mysterious Zodiac Auras

 Scorpio Scorpio is essential to mystery. This elusive water symbol keeps people at bay until they establish themselves trustworthy. 

Scorpio always has more to reveal. Scorpio's inner world is full of intense emotions and passion. To understand Scorpi

Pisces One of the most mystical signs. This elusive water sign exists in the clouds and is hard to pinpoint. Nobody would want to clip Pisces'

wings because their dreamy nature makes them all they are (and makes them so beautiful)

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3. Aquarius Most people can never fully understand Aquarius' peculiar way of life, but it's what draws everyone to this air sign

 Aquarius is known for being contradictory, but that lures people in. Aquarius' disinterest in being defined is inspiring.

It inspires others to recklessly pursue their hobbies.

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