Bringing Sustainably Caught Fresh & Wild Alaskan Seafood to Your Table

Fresh Alaska Seafood Direct to Middle Tennessee


The Virgin Bay Seafood family is dedicated to bringing fresh and wild Alaskan seafood to your table. Our sustainable fishing techniques allow us to provide the highest quality of nutritious seafood to your family and customers.

Virgin Bay Seafood employs sustainable fishing methods to provide the highest quality Wild Alaska Seafood to our customers. Virgin Bay Seafood delivers fresh Alaska seafood to the middle Tennessee area multiple times throughout the year when it is fresh and in season. We also maintain a cold storage facility in Tennessee and deliver fresh Alaska seafood throughout the year, including smoked fish, frozen fish and prepared foods like Salmon Sausage and Smoked Salmon.

All salmon species – including king, sockeye, keta, coho, and pink- caught in season, and handled with the utmost care, taste amazing. When fish has a “fishy” taste, it is because the fish have been bruised and abused. Virgin Bay Seafood king and coho salmon have been troll caught (not to be confused with “trawl” caught). Troll caught fish, a sustainable fishing method, produce higher quality fish than any other type of commercial caught fish.

100% Responsibly Caught Alaskan Seafood

The big advantage to choosing wild-caught food is that it is much lower in chemical residues. This makes a real difference for your health and the amazing flavor of Alaska seafood.


Salmon such as sockeye are not caught trolling, instead they are caught by gillnet. This is a type of commercial fishing that uses a net, yet they let the fish come to them instead of pursing the fish. Gillnet fishing has very low bycatch rates unlike that of trawling. These gillnet fishermen also pride themselves on high quality salmon. These salmon, once caught, are bled, slushed iced, and brought to shore much like the troll caught Coho, Keta and Kings.